• 17 Toyota Camry Bumper

    17 Toyota Camry Bumper

    Front Bumper was completely disassembled, painted off the vehicle and assembled. OEM repair quality.

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  • Greg’s Widebody Eclipse

    Greg’s Widebody Eclipse

    The Eclipse was expertly wide bodied, painted and modified to an extreme. The tail lights were swapped and other stuff.

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  • James C-West Kitted Toyota 86

    James C-West Kitted Toyota 86

    For this project we installed a full lip kit from C-West on James' Toyota 86. The fit and finish of…

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  • Brittney Banks

    Brittney Banks

    Name: Brittney Banks Location: Orlando, FL Height: 5"6 Weight: 130 lbs

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  • Karla Molina

    Karla Molina

    Name: Karla Molina Location: Orlando, FL Height: 5"2 Weight: 105 lbs Ethnic background: Honduran

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  • Mary Allison

    Mary Allison

    Name: Mary Allison Location: Memphis, TN Height: 5"7 Weight: 125 lbs Ethnic background: White

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  • Amanda Welsh

    Amanda Welsh

    Name: Amanda Welsh Location: Rockledge, FL Height: 5"5 Weight: 105 lbs Ethnic background:Japenese/American

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  • Anna Maria

    Anna Maria

    Name: Anna Marie Location: Orlando, FL Height: 5"0 Weight: 100 lbs Ethnic background:Hispanic

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